ZŪM’s partner programs with schools

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Why Schools Use Zūm

Zūm brings peace of mind to schools and their families, just like to individual users. When schools partner with Zūm, there are benefits to the school, the families and the broader community.

Reducing Traffic

Zūm’s carpool services allow school families to coordinate with friends and neighbors to create carpools for to and from school rides.

Carpools are the most cost-efficient way for kids to commute to school. And with the reduction in traffic for pickup and drop off, your school’s neighbors will thank you!


When students ride in a Zūm carpool, it provides the school with much more transparency for where kids are and when they’ll arrive.

Zūm’s technology allows school administrators to view each incoming and outgoing carpool, know ETA’s, who’s riding in the carpool and more. Schools will be able to see the driver profiles, so they know who to expect for picking up kids, with the ability to contact the drivers during the ride, making handoffs easy.


When schools partner with Zūm, parents can get a special school rate that provides for lower cost carpools. Zūm will also allow school families to create a monthly plan where they can book a school year’s worth of recurring rides at a convenient monthly rate.

Want Zūm At Your School?

Parents and school administrators alike love the convenience and reliability of using Zūm for school year rides. Sign up below and we’ll be in touch!

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