Single Or Multi-Stop
Transportation For Kids

Your Kids, Anywhere, Anytime

We know that sometimes you feel like a taxi for kids. It happens.

When you use Zūm, you can think of us as your personal family car service.

Single family rides can take many different forms.

  • Multiple riders with multiple stops
  • A single rider with one destination
  • Multiple riders all going to the same place

You get the idea.

One Time or All The Time

You can book one-time rides or recurring rides. Zūm gives you the flexibility you need.

Need to get your child to swim practice every Monday and Wednesday or all of your kids to school and back every day? Set up your rides once and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the year.

Need your daughter brought to the dentist next Tuesday so you can meet her there? No problem!

Schedule your ride by 7pm the night before and you’ll be all set!

Let’s Get You On Your Way

Using Zūm for single family rides is as easy as 4 simple steps:

  • Download the app and signup
  • Select who’s riding
  • Choose your time and place
  • We assign an awesome Zūmer

Go Places You Never Thought Possible

Go Places You Never Thought Possible

Zūm on!

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