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“This was the kids’ first experience with Zum. They loved Jamie. She even waited with them until the teachers got to the school!”
"My daughter enjoys her rides with Joanne because she has books for her to read! Thanks, Joanne!"
"Suzy, our zum driver, is kind, reliable and punctual. The kids really like her.”
"Luca Roo and I are amazed at the service we received. Karise was amazing with Luca and we’ll be using zum again, thanks to her.”
"Service is great and my son's driver is extra generous and friendly. Thanks!"

Why Use Zūm?

Zūm provides the safest and most reliable rides and care. We’re trusted by families and schools because of our safety, transparency and reliability.
Drivers are fingerprinted & must pass FBI, DOJ and DMV background checks.
Parents can tracks rides in real time. Prior to the ride, parents can view the driver’s profile.
We take pride in our punctuality and our ability to complete all rides booked.

Why Customers Love Us?

“Getting my kids to and from activities was challenging. Now we use Zūm every day for gymnastics or fencing or swim class. Having a familiar pool of drivers is great.”
- Jan
“As a mother, Zūm is my biggest ally. They are responsive and always on time. Planning my children's logistics is no longer a dreadful task.”
- Joanne
“Zūm's drivers are phenomenal. Every step of their process is easy to follow. I love the notification and the live tracking."
- Josh

How Zūm Works

We’ve made using Zūm easy - because nobody needs more complications in their lives.
Schedule one-time or recurring rides, a day before or months in advance.
Access your driver’s picture and profile at least 12 hours before the ride.
Track the ride and get notified when your driver picks up and drops off your children.
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How Parents Use Zūm

How Parents Use Zūm

Daily rides to-and-from school
Commute to-and-from activities
Carpool with your child’s friends
Playdates or party pickups and dropoffs
Add childcare or chaperoning to your ride

2 Million Miles Safely Driven
In These Areas We Serve

San Francisco
San Mateo
Los Angeles
Orange County
Contra Costa
Santa Clara
San Diego
Los Angeles
Orange County
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How Schools Use Zūm

How Schools Use Zūm

Daily home-to-school transportation
Intercampus shuttle service
Athletics transportation
Day and overnight field trips
Daily train station to school
Service learning trips
Special education transportation

We Serve Over 2000+ Schools

Want Zūm At Your School?

Zūm is pay-per-use - no contracts or subscriptions needed!
All payments are through the app - no cash required.

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