Drivers you can trust

Zūm drivers must pass a strict 3-step process. Only 1 in 5 applicants are accepted.
Step 1: Screening

Step 1: Screening

All Zūmer applicants are pre-screened via a phone interview to confirm that they have childcare experience and outstanding driving records and must meet the following criteria:
  • They’re at least 21 years old
  • 3+ years of childcare experience
  • Clean driving record for past 3 years
  • Owns 2009 or newer 4-door vehicle in great shape
Step 2: Vetting

Step 2: Vetting

The vetting process is comprised of a driving test and ride-along and verification of multiple background data checks:
  • Fingerprinting and TrustLine certification
  • FBI, DOJ and DMV background checks
  • Sex offender records
  • Address history and SSN validation
Step 3: Inspection

Step 3: Inspection

Finally, we require every candidate to present the car they will be using for Zūm rides. Vehicles must meet our exacting standards:
  • Must be 2009 or newer 4-door vehicle in great condition
  • Pass 19-point vehicle inspection
  • Proof of annual inspection and ongoing maintenance

Innovative ride-sharing technology

Zūm bring student transportation into a new modern era with unmatched transparency.
Innovative ride-sharing technology

Intelligent matching & route creation

Our proprietary algorithms consider your needs, then pair each child with the right driver and right vehicle. Routes are adjusted in real-time to account for absent students or traffic issues.

Real-time tracking & live notifications

The School Dashboard and Zūm Parents App allows everyone to track rides in a map view from start to finish. Know exactly when the driver leaves for a ride, picks up and drops off a child.
I love that I can see everything in the App, particularly the driver information which I share with my child before her ride. The sign-in and sign-out feature gives me extra reassurance.
J. Barbagelata, mother of a 14 year old

There’s a Zūm Kids App too

Transparency isn’t important just for schools and parents, kids need it too. So we provide an app specifically that’s kid friendly and safety focused. Through the app kids can:
See upcoming rides
View driver profiles
Track rides in real-time
Confirm passwords generated for each ride
Zūm Kids App

A process built for peace of mind

Safety is truly our first concern, so we’ve built our entire process around that core element. The components of this process are:
Driver profile

Driver profile

View the complete profile of a child’s driver via the School Dashboard or Zūm app, including photos of the driver and the car. You can also share the profile with key people like coaches.
Password identity match

Password identity match

Better than reusable password, for two-way identity verification, we generate a ride-specific password 24-hours before each ride. Kids can exchange the password with their driver.
Safe hand-off of children

Safe hand-off of children

Zūm drivers ensure that kids are picked up and handed off safely and according to your instructions, including signing them in or out of schools or facilities.
Live support

Live support

We’re here to help, anytime. Reach us via phone, email or online chat. Or connect to us directly within the School Dashboard or Parents App. You’re never alone.
Zūm is so good at the service feel like there is always someone there to help you if you forget something or if things change. That is one of the biggest benefits.
L. Matheson, mother of a 7, 10 and 12-year-old
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