Trusted and Safe Child Transportation

Safety. Safety. Safety.

When it comes to child transportation, safety is our first concern. That’s why Zūm has created a stringent driver hiring process and exceptional technology to provide rides families can trust..

1 Drivers

Drivers are at the heart of our service

At Zūm, we make sure that all of our drivers (or Zūmers, as we call them,) are people who can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity to your kids. Every Zūmer goes through a rigorous selection process and is highly vetted (even more than most childcare providers!)


All applicants to be Zūmers are pre-screened via a phone interview to confirm that they have childcare experience and outstanding driving records. To pass the first round on the path to being a Zūmer, applicants must meet the following criteria:-

  • At least 21 years old
  • At least 3 years of experience working with children
  • At least 3 years of driving experience with a clean driving record
  • Own a 2006 or newer four door vehicle in great condition
  • College education and/or experience working in a professional setting

When the initial criteria has been met, the applicant moves on to the second stage - vetting.

Security background checks really comfort us. Not many places will go to the level that Zum goes to to ensure the quality of their drivers.

- C.P Cherng, mother of a 9 and 13 year old


The vetting process is comprised of verification of multiple background data checks:

  • Address history and Social Security Number validations
  • National level FBI and Department of Justice background checks
  • Sex offender records
  • DMV and driving record validation
  • TrustLine certification

Once cleared through the background checks, applicants are invited into a Zūm office for an in-person interview. At this time, we assess them for personality, attitude, reactions to situations and their sense of purpose - we want our Zūmers to have the same passion that we do. During this meeting, we will do a driving test and ride-along. The final piece of the vetting process is to check the candidate’s references.


The final stage of the process to becoming a Zūmer is the vehicle inspection. We require every candidate to present the car they will be using for Zūm rides. Vehicles must meet our exacting standards:

  • Must be a 2006 or newer, four door vehicle in great condition
  • Pass a 20 point vehicle inspection
  • Show proof of regular vehicle maintenance and inspections

Only 1 in 5 applicants will make it through the selection process and become a Zūmer. Our drivers work hard to maintain the highest ratings and drivers not meeting our requirements after being hired are removed.

2 Technology

Gaining Trust Through Technology and Transparency.

Matching Algorithm

Our proprietary, smart technology considers your family’s needs and pairs you with a small pool of drivers, ensuring long-term relationships and consistency.

Real Time Tracking

The Zūm app allows parents to track all rides in real time from start to finish. Get informed from the moment your driver heads out to the initial pickup location to when your child reached the final dropoff destination.

Live Notifications

Parents receive text notifications throughout the ride. You’ll be notified when the driver is enroute, when they are within 100 feet of the pickup location, confirmation that your child has been picked up and final confirmation when your child is dropped off. We make sure you are always informed.


Zūm is always improving and personalizing our service to meet parents needs. Rate your driver after every ride and we’ll use this information to personalize your pool of drivers and improve our service.

I love that I can see everything in the App, particularly the driver information which I share with my child before her ride. The sign-in and sign-out feature gives me extra reassurance.

- J. Barbagelata, mother of a 14 year old

We have a Kids App for young riders too

Transparency isn’t important just for parents, kids need it too. So we provide an optional app specifically for our riders that’s kid friendly and safety focused. Through the app, kids can see:

Upcoming Rides

View all the upcoming rides scheduled for them and all previously completed rides.

Driver Profiles

Kids can see their assigned drivers profile, including the driver’s photo and vehicle information.

Live Tracking

Riders can track in real-time where their drivers are as they progress to the pickup location.

Password Exchange

Our system generates a unique password for every ride, which can be accessed by your child through their app and driver.

3 Process

Our Process Is Built for Your Peace of Mind

Safety is truly our first concern, so we’ve built our entire process around that core element. The components of this process are:

Driver Profile

You can view the complete profile of your child’s driver via the Zūm app, including photos of the driver and the car. You can also share the profile with key people like coaches or school administrators.

Password Identity Match

Some companies use a reusable password, but we don’t feel that’s secure enough. So we generate a ride-specific password 24-hours before each ride for your child to exchange with their assigned driver for two-way identity verification.

Safe Hand-offs

Zūmers will ensure your kids are picked up and handed off safely and according to your instructions, including signing them in or out of schools or facilities.

Live Support

We’re here to help - anytime! Reach us via phone, email or online chat, or connect to us from directly within the app. You’re never alone.

Zum is so good at the service aspect.... you feel like there is
always someone there to help you if you forget something or if
things change. That is one of the biggest benefits.

L. Matheson, mother of a 7, 10 and 12 year old

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