Ritu Narayan, CEO and Founder

Our mission is to empower families
to unlock the potential and aspirations of all family members.

To enable the freedom and flexibility that families need to pursue careers,
activities, and opportunities for parents and children alike.

Because too many generations have had to make choices or sacrifices
as a result of their family’s transportation or care needs.

Ritu’s Story

I was raised in India by working parents. My mother quit teaching math to raise her four children. Years later as a graduate student at Stanford I found myself faced with the same challenge that my mother had faced - how can I follow my own passion while making sure my two kids have trustworthy and reliable people to take them to school, activities, and provide care for them?

I worked with my two brothers, Vivek and Abhishek, to build Zūm as a tribute to our mother Saroj, who made many sacrifices for us - but wouldn’t have had to if Zūm had existed for her.

And Zūm is a tribute to all working families and families with multiple children who struggle and make sacrifices to provide the best they can in support of their children’s potential, but haven’t found a way to be able to do all the things they’d like to do.

Zūm is about no one in the family having to make choices or sacrifices because of transportation or care needs. We want Zūm to take people to places that they never thought possible.

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